Record Your Conference
Available for immediate download as an .mp3, your recorded conference call is ready for you from the moment you hit the "Stop" button.


Edit Caller Profiles
Screen your participants and edit fields to include their name and company info.


See Who Is Speaking
The speaker icon lights up next to any participants with sound coming from their line (which also really helps identify any callers with intrusive background noise).


Mute Callers
The entire body of participants can be muted instantly or participants can be muted at individually.

Remove Callers
Easily disconnect participants from the conference call.

.Lock your conference
Ensure that late-comers or unauthorized callers do not interrupt the call. 

.Email invitations
You can generate emails directly from the host console. The message will automatically populate with dial-in instructions included. 

.Instant Call Reports
Available right after the meeting. Reports give you insight into who was on the call with caller ID info. 

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Introducing the new VoiceText enhanced console 

A robust Q&A feature crowns this powerful new console.

Question and Answer periods are a necessary part of a well-rounded conference call, but dozens of people speaking at once simply will not do.

Our Q&A feature lets you read the questions in queue and select which to answer- this immediately saves time by reducing redundant or off-topic questions. You can email those participants whose questions you aren't able to answer, acknowledge an employee for asking a great question or follow up with someone whose question reflects a lack of understanding- all without interrupting the flow of your conference call.



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