(International) 1-512-404-2300

1-512-404-2300 (International)

1-512-404-2300 (International)

Voicemail Rates and Service Plans

Why Toll Free Service?

Affordable and flexible, VoiceText's toll free service will provide the means to distribute and market your products nationally and internationally. Toll free service will enhance your company's image, increase your sales, and make it easier for prospect, clients, and co-workers to reach you, for only pennies a day.

VoiceText's Standard Voice Mail Features

  • Personal 800/888/877 toll free number
  • Auto Attendant
  • Unlimited message length
  • Unlimited messaging, your mailbox is never full
  • Messages stored for two weeks or more
  • True six second billing
  • Back door access
  • Alternative telephone number to check your messages
  • Pass code protection
  • Time and date stamp, rewind, forward, pause, resume, etc.
  • Reports
  • Automated Order taking can save you hundreds of dollars. With the automated system each caller will be asked for the order information through an easy series of prompts. It is fast, efficient, and accurate with a record of each transaction.

Which Package Fits Your Needs?

If you are a low to moderate voice mail user, then we suggest our standard voice mail service. You pay a small monthly fee and the prepaid toll-free minutes lasts from month-to-month and never expires until it is used. Or if you are a moderate to high volume user, our value service plans may be a better choice. With our service plans there is no monthly service fee. You only pay for minutes used. There are three plans to choose from. On the first day of each month, your service minutes are applied to your account. The minutes do not carry forward from month-to-month, so any unused minutes are lost. If you exceed the allotted minutes you are billed for overage at a rate of 6¢ per minute.

Standard Toll Free Voice Mail Rates

Time $40.00 (3.9¢ cents/min) — 1026 Min.(Prepaid 800)
Quarterly Payment $20.85 ($6.95 x 3 months)

Service Plans

  Individual Plan Small Business Plan Business Plan Plus  Pro Plan  
Per Minute Rate 3.9¢ 3.5¢ 2.9¢ 2.5¢
Monthly Payment $9.95 $14.95 $29.95 $49.95
Minutes Included  250 425 1100 2000
Extra Minutes  4.9¢ 3.5¢ 2.5¢
Extensions Included Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 25
Add Email Messaging Free  Free  Free  Free 
Add Follow Me* $5 per ext $5 per ext $5 per ext $5 per ext

*Follow Me Service allows you to direct the callers to your personal line.  The per minute cost is the same based on the plan chosen.

512 Toll Voicemail

Monthly Payment $14.00

Automated Order Taking

Time $100.00 (3.9¢ cents/min) — 2564 Min.(Prepaid 800)
Monthly Payment $26.95

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