(International) 1-512-404-2300

1-512-404-2300 (International)

1-512-404-2300 (International)

Follow Me Services

Follow me feature allows the system to use a find-me service to transfer callers to pre-assigned numbers or statuses. Callers are prompted to record their name so you can either take the call or send it back to your voicemail. Each status can be programmed depending the time of day and your availability.

Features — Easy to Use Technology

  • Personal 800/888/877 toll free number
  • Greetings —individual status greetings for each status option, such as; in the office, at lunch, Gone for the day
  • Use any one of our systems 50 pre-programmed phrases, or create your own
  • Unlimited message length
  • Day and Night greetings
  • Pass code protection
  • Time and date stamp, rewind, forward, pause, resume, etc.
  • Unlimited messaging, your mailbox is never full
  • Messages stored for two weeks or more
  • Skip over messages while listening, messages remain unread
  • Caller ID
  • When listening to a message and you hang up, the system will keep it as a saved message
  • Playback Direction —Play either newest or oldest messages first
  • Distribution List — Up to ten distribution list per client, add, delete, and list mailboxes, name lists all from a touch tone phone
  • Multi-Lingual Voice Mail — languages include English, French and Latin American Spanish
  • Voice Mail Tutor — when setting up your mailbox the first time.
  • Future Delivery Messages — You can record a message for future delivery
  • Message Return Receipt — check who has played a message you sent
  • Making copies of messages — give a copy of a message to another mailbox
  • True six second billing
  • Reports


Individual Services Professional Package / Virtual Office
Private Toll Free Number With standard voice mail $6.95/month Private Toll Free Number Includes standard features, plus wav files, caller ID, follow me service $19.95/month
Add wav files sent to email $5.00/month per box
Add follow me service $10.00/month per box
Prepay minutes (Includes 667 minutes) $40.00 Prepay minutes, (Includes 667 minutes) $40.00
One time set up fee $25.00 One time set up fee $25.00
Standard w/wav files $76.95
Standard w/ follow me service $81.95 Total Start Up Fee $84.95

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