(International) 1-512-404-2300

1-512-404-2300 (International)

1-512-404-2300 (International)

    • 25 attendees
    • Share desk top
    • Share application
    • Share whiteboard
    • Share file and video
    • HD Video
    • Network recording
    • Polling (VoiceText Exclusive!)
    • Custom URL (VoiceText Exclusive!)
    • Local PC recording (VoiceText Exclusive!)
    • Toll-Free audio add-on

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    • Up to 100 attendees
    • Flexible interface scales up to allow for higher capacity presentations, including webinars.
    • Complete mobile collaboration
    • Participants join instantly
    • High quality video feed
    • Meeting rooms with storage
    • Record your meetings
    • Persistent URL
    • Polling
    • Live Chat during meetings allows for questions without disruption 
    • Share desktop
    • Share whiteboard
    • Share File & Video

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Voice Text Mobile Conferencing

        Get Mobile.
        Be Flexible.
        Meet Anywhere.

                    With Web Conferencing from VoiceText
               your team can connect with any device
               from anywhere. 

Virtual Office

With WebEx and Adobe Connect each host license not only gives you access to a dynamic web conference platform, but your own virtual office space. The ultimate project management tool, these meeting rooms allow a space for managers to call one-on-one meetings and share easily accessible files and documents with their guest. 

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Operator Attended Conference Call

Audio Packages

 VoiceText offers integrated audio packages for your web conference, scaled to your needs. We offer toll-free packages, flat rate plans, pay as you go, toll numbers and more. 


 Adobe Connect's webinar platform allows you to reach thousands. Customizable landing pages with a persistent URL allows you to create a polished presentation with engaging content. 

Additional Services

From operator attended calls to transcribing and editing your conference, VoiceText provides global solutions for all of your communication needs.

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