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Record, edit and replay

More than simple video editing,
Adobe Connect 9.5 gives you access to rich recording and editing capabilities.

• Hide pods that you do not want included in the replay
• Anonymize participants from original meeting
• Easy off-line MP4 conversion

Adobe Connect Big Ideas

Share Big Ideas

Adobe Connect Meeting brings your thinkers together.

Tools such as break out rooms, white boards and file sharing allow your team to collaborate like never before.

Securely store your notes and files in your meeting room, allowing your team to pick up right where they left off last time. 

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Adobe Connect  + VoiceText

Their award winning web conferencing platform meets our state-of-the art audio.

We'll manage the audio set-up for you, allowing your meeting participants to dial-in to the meeting rather than relying on their computer speakers and microphone. All participants are funneled into the same meeting regardless of whether they are using dial-in or VoIP, no interruptions on recordings!

Click here to see low-rate audio packages by VoiceText

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Adobe Connect Audio
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