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1-512-404-2300 (International)

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Your Conference, Your URL, Your Recording

  • With annual subscription you can have your own company URL.
  • Need to keep your recording close? Only WebEx by VoiceText allows you to record straight to your desktop rather than "the cloud".

Meet Instantly
​ ​

  • Schedule ahead or call a meeting on the spot
  • Add-on a "Call Me" option and let the meeting call you. No one needs to dial in, no passcode necessary.

Collaborate By Sharing

  • Your desktop can be shared
  • Document sharing is a breeze
  • Create a meeting space to keep shared notes, a recording of the conference, agendas and follow up. 

No limit on time, host as many meetings as you like. 

Premium 25

Up to 25 attendees with 1 host license.
     $49/ month 

$39 per month
when you prepay for 1 year!

Premium 200

Up to 200 attendees with 1 host license

$99 per month
when you prepay for 1 year!

Cisco WebEx features:

  • 25 or 200 attendee options
  • Free VoIP audio
  • Desktop & application sharing
  • Whiteboard and mark-up tools
  • File & video sharing
  • Network (cloud) based recording
  • Video conferencing (up to 7 video feeds- full screen or split screen)
  • Free WebEx mobile app
  • Share the presenter role
  • Chat bar- messages can be shared privately or for all to see

VoiceText enhanced WebEx features
included in the above price are these exclusive features for VoiceText customers!

Local desktop recording (included for free!)
Polling (included for free!)
Personalized URL (included for free!)
Toll Free Audio Packages as low as 3¢ per minute!

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Crystal Clear Audio. Anywhere.

With a VoiceText toll free dial in package your team can always join the conference.

WebEx Toll Free Audio Packages

The best pricing in the industry with services tailored to your specific needs

Minutes                  Monthly Rate           Cost per minute

500                       $19.50                      3.9¢
1,200                    $42.00                      3.5¢
3,000                    $90.00                      3.0¢
Pay-as-you-go        ---------                      4.9¢


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